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Educational and Rehabilitation Institution of Higher  Education “Kamianets-Podilskyi State Institute“ (KPSI) is an institution of higher education,   that provides innovative educational activities related to the provision of higher education at the first (Bachelor’s Degree) and second (Master’s Degree) levels, has a developed infrastructure of educational, scientific and research, rehabilitation and learning units.

Our priorities are:

  • High quality of education;
  • European practices in professional education;
  • Equal rights and opportunities;
  • Innovative approaches in professional training, learning and education;
  • Valuable professional skills desired by employers around the world;
  • Digital skills;
  • Training and research labs;
  • Sport  & rehabilitation;
  • Psychological and pedagogical Department for the adaptation of students for the education and communication.

Teaching at Kamianets-Podilskyi state institute is designed to challenge students, helping them to reach their potential as both a student and a researcher.


Educational Programs

The Institute offers a comprehensive and varied service including practical sessions, online networking, workshops, trainings, one-to-one sessions with professional lecturers and advisers and practitioners – who will even support you to practice your professional skills!

ERIHE “Kamianets-Podilskyi state institute” is a higher education institution that provides the educational according to the educational degrees:

1. Master’s degree:

  • History and archeology;
  • Economics (EPP “Economics and Social Psychology”, “Economics and Business Security”, “Inclusive Economy”);
  • Psychology (EPP “Rehabilitation Psychology”);
  • Public management and administration.


2. Bachelor’s degree:

  • Economics (EPP “Economic Cybernetics”);
  • Social work (EPP “Social protection and rehabilitation”, OPP 232 “Social security”);
  • Digital technologies;
  • Psychology (EPP “Psychology”, “Rehabilitation psychology”);
  • Accounting and taxation;
  • Finance, banking and insurance and the stock market. 

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3. Separate structural subdivision Kamianets-Podilskyi professional college ERIHE KPSI prepares professional junior bachelors degree: Economics, Accounting and taxation, Social work, Digital technologies, Physical culture and sports, Psychology and · qualified worker in the specialty: Social worker. 


Our faculties

1) Faculty of economics, management and digitalization

The mission of the faculty as a subdivision of the institution of higher education is educational, research and innovation activity, which can be realized exclusively thanks to the provision of high quality education and scientific research, their inextricable integration and combination with innovative activity.

Deapartments of faculty:

– Department of public administration, management and inclusive economics;

– Department of finance, accounting and taxation named after S. Yurii;

– Department of digital, educational and socio-economic technologies.

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2) Faculty of socio-psychological activity, rehabilitation and professional education

The teaching staff of the faculty constantly works on improving modern methods, techniques, means of learning and teaching, updating the content of lectures, introducing modern methods and research methods, expanding of the topic and methodology of scientific research for students in order to provide quality educational services in higher education institutions. Departments of the institute unite scientists of various fields who constantly work on updating the content of educational components on the basis of scientific achievements and modern practices, in connection with which the scientific research of the department’s staff is characterized by multidisciplinary and a breadth of topics.


– Department of social work, psychology and socio-cultural activity named after T.Sosnovska;

– Department of inclusive education, rehabilitation and humanitarian sciences;

– Department of professional and special education.

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3) Kamianets-Podilskyi professional college ERIHE KPSI provides professional training of our students.

Separated structural subdivision Kamianets-Podilskyi professional college ERIHE KPSI includes the following cycle commissions:

  • Cycle commission of accounting and economic disciplines;
  • Cycle commission of social work, psychology and physical rehabilitation;
  • Cycle commission of fundamental disciplines;
  • Cycle commission of digital technologies.


Psychological and pedagogical department

The purpose of the psychological department is to promote the full-fledged personal and intellectual development of students and create conditions for the formation of motivation for self-education and self-development. image


Tasks of the psychological department:

  • psychological support and increasing the effectiveness of the pedagogical process;
  • mental health protection;
  • protection of social welfare of all its participants: pupils, students, teaching staff;
  • contributing to the full development of students’ personality, creating conditions for them to form motivation for self-education and self-development;
  • provision of an individual approach to each participant of the educational process based on his psychological and pedagogical study;
  • helping students to adapt to new study conditions;
  • prevention and correction of deviations in intellectual, psychophysical and personal development;
  • implementation of psychological support of the educational process of the institution;
  • psychological education of students, parents, teaching staff.

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Educational Programs and Training

We advocate for more inclusive equity-related policy, admissions pathways and inclusive practices that support increased higher education access for the students, in particular, students with disabilities.

We are committed to innovative, strategic initiatives that extend the depth and impact of our program. This allows us to be responsive to changes in educational contexts and new opportunities to work with young people.


Accessibility and sports

  • The leading technologies of Institute education are health-preserving and valeological, which ensure the effectiveness of classes and quality professional training.
  • Our students are members of Women`s Paralympics National Sitting Volleyball Team
  • Our students win prizes at Ukrainian Championships and International Competitions